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To progress in an individual capacity, it is imperative to comprehend the systems working around you. Social, economical, and political systems overwhelmingly impact our growth in alignment with our inner psychological, emotional, and behavioral systems. The right equation between all these components and some more will determine how fast and rapid results may you bear in your overall life.
Your happiness, well-being, joy, relations, and security are all granted by the multiplication of these assessments.
Now it doesn’t mean you have to learn economics, politics, or psychology. To make sure, you clearly understand what is being done to you, what is shaping your thought, your approach, and your ways to accept what is given, or rejected consequences.
You might say I don’t give a dime or damn. What is happening in countries, what is the inflation rate, what health facilities my government gives, what reforms are there for my children’s better education? Do I care?

Spread Your Colors To The World

My human fellow on earth, my light sharing brothers & sisters, my vibes enhancer friends, people keep revolving their lives in a vicious circle. Lucky ones land in the ‘have’ category, and adversity catch masses of ‘have-nots’.
We all are based on earth, in the human kingdom. To live your best potential, to have abundance is your birthright, to be happy and have joy is a must for you if you are really living, and not just a zombie to follow.
Living happily with your salary, or profitability and being able to access all luxuries of life will not be enough because of 2 reasons. One is nothing lasts forever, secondly, every individual is part of a complete society. So, there have 3 areas of focus. Individual capacity, relations, and network, organization & Society. The concave and convex of our ‘being-ness go hand in hand.


Right now we are competing in the knowledge economy. Where most of the high-paying job skills, are now required to be upgraded with tech knowledge, certifications, and most importantly an acumen. To be developed at a rapid pace, to absorb all which is new.
I am not stating much on the emotional deterioration this change brings in, because of new economic drivers. They are not to be forgotten and ignored. Every human life matters, every human mindset and its happiness matters to contribute positive vibes in society and towards other human beings.
The habits and discipline we learned in our school times are no more relevant to add value to the economies of societies.
The whole system revolves around adding up more capital in the investors’ pocket, thinking it will benefit the people associated with him as well. I know, investment management people will come after me saying, this world is running on capital and investments.
True, it has evolved and improved, but still, we need SDGs with welfare and donation funds. Wealth is not equally distributed. Masses are in mess. Rich is getting richer. I looked into this fact, with a different perspective, and thought to gather some of the circles sketched by our history, and is evolving around us, with us, and for us, but not benefiting us within.

The Thought Chain

The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare was written depicting two major perspectives of the Human side. One was that in the love of a friend without considering future consequences, selflessness, Ishq (higher degree of love), helplessness, and on the other hand was Greed & lust. All with falsehood, cheating, animosity, and arrogance were the only thing which was important and security was wealth.
Great writers have this ability to express in their narrations, human characteristics which are though opposite but yet very powerful force. I mentioned Shakespeare because, during his era, many economical shifts indulged their roots in the society which had the root cause of these two human characteristics.
It has been similar since Adam, but in our human history if we try to spy our own past 400 to 500 years, we may not come to a conclusion but a question, that what is it humans are searching for? How are we encircled in the whirlpool of economic systems, demand and supply rules, have’s and have- nots segments.
We forgot we use to find the reason to be on this earth with Socrates? Many might be probing the same thought during Covid work from home time. During an uncertain future. Why are we doing what we are doing? What will happen if we don’t do it? What will happen if something else needs to be done?

Note that Merchant of Venice was written between – 1596-1599. During the 17th and 18th centuries came the Age of Enlightenment. True and fabulous theology was evolving science and reasoning.
The picture I have shared here is of Louis XIV visiting the Academie des sciences in 1671: ‘It is widely accepted that ‘modern science’ arose in the Europe of the 17th century, introducing a new understanding of the natural world’ – Peter Barrett.

Thought-Provoking People

Philosophers and scientists of the period widely circulated their ideas through gatherings in scientific academics, literary salons, coffee houses, printed books, poetry, and journals. Ideas were all supported by a Question, how humans can pleasure more out of this world. How can we reach the skies and where can we find more relaxation?

Then came Karl Marx 1818-1883, philosophy and questions marks, upon the idea of Capitalism followed by a Communist Vladimir Lenin, 1870-1924 then by Joseph Stalin. Two perspectives, two thoughts, two philosophies, apologizing to the idea of Confirmation. Developed the importance of validity. Based on the structure of two human segments.
The shift of Monarchy to Feudalism or agrarian to Capitalization to industrialization, modern capitalism, social capitalism (welfare state, health, education, CSR activities, are the result of the academic critic) now to Technology Capitalism. Surprisingly now humans all around the world, once again igniting the era of Enlightening. Questioning their beliefs, and systems. Religion and rituals. Am profound to learn that right now American youth’s favorite characters are Karl Marx and Rumi both.

Education Systems

Horace Mann, who is the founder of the American Education system, favored the industrialization process to bring in discipline and functionality, but human nurturing got diminished in all these processes. Now we pay to learn emotional intelligence.
The un-balanced scope of capitalism and the socialist approach is somewhere in mastering emotional and human intelligence.
Another era is booming soon. Another race is starting now. The secrets of self & selflessness are still not found, the trigger which probes human to search it, delay him in running the race which is there from 9 to 5 and 5 to 9.
How can we be able to believe what is unseen, and which light in our heart can illuminate the answers to reach our true connection with the higher intelligence to unfold our reason to be on EARTH.

Munnira Sheikh
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