Communication Skills – 4 Key Steps How To Improve

Communication Skills Development

Communication Skills Development

Communication is between two, not one!

Are you struggling with communication skills? Looking for quick tips and hacks to improve your communication skills? Do you want to be confident, comfortable, and charismatic in your communication, in networking events? If yes, then this is for you.

Our Mission Is To Bring Self-Coaching For Entrepreneurship & Startups To Earn By Freelancing & Online Using Zen & Technology. Communication is a KEY element in every area of life. We always focus and on fusing Zen with every act, skill & deed so we are really in the essence of excellence.

4 key steps on how to improve your communication skills whether you’re talking to just one person or a whole group of people. 

First Thing First

That is Why communication skills are very important, so that you can feel natural, at ease and confident. 

As a career strategist I’ve had the honour of being able to help numerous professionals land their dream job offers. 

This includes communication skills. The most important ingredient in qualifying for a good job. If this is something that you’re interested in working with me one on one I can definitely give you details about that at the end of this course. 

In my line of work where I work with corporate professionals and help them to advance their careers a common topic of discussion is communication. Communication skills will both create your first impression and last impression.

If you struggle with communication then you may relate to these situations:

  1. where you’re in a situation talking to people yawning
  2. You find that the conversation is very unnatural 
  3. Seems it’s forced 
  4. It doesn’t really go anywhere 
  5. The mind becomes almost blank
  6. Searching for more words
  7. Find that the other person is struggling to hold their interest in you
  8. You feel that there’s something wrong with you, that is why you can’t focus enough on the other person

This or more, can easily happen in a situation where you’re at a networking event. Even when we meet someone for the first time. Or if you might be impressed or inspired by a person’s persona.

Where it is inevitable to talk to a group of strangers. Where you just feel awkward or you may feel unnatural. Unable to really develop any connections with anyone. Eye to eye contact becomes blurred. Some people even have a rumbling tummy. 

Today you will read quick four steps that will really help you to improve your communication skills. Whether you’re in a social setting or in a professional setting. So that you can feel more confident. In your gut feel at ease. 

Step 1: Listen intently

Listening non-verbal clues, is an art in communication

It is 70% secret ingredient of winning communication. That is why I am revealing it bit by bit.

Now I know what you’re thinking? That how can communication be about listening? Though it’s all about talking. 

You assume that to improve your communication skills, we need to talk, talk and talk. Isn’t it?

It’s really about your ability to speak right? Well yes and no. Depends on how much mastery you have on first part.

The key thing about communication is that if you’re able to listen intently to the other person, and you’re able to hear what they’re really saying then it is called good communication. 

Listening beyond the words that are coming out of speakers’ mouths. Then you’re gonna be able to have more value to add to the conversation. 

Using Your Intuition:

Be able to say something that is beyond what it is; that they’re just talking about at a surface level. 

Listening intently doesn’t just mean using your ears and hearing what the person is saying. In reality, it is really being able to get a sense of what they’re feeling. Being able to get a sense of really what they’re trying to express. What they’re not trying to express as well. So it’s really about using your intuition as well-being able to read a person.

Hear the words that are coming out of their mouths. Also, hear what it is that they’re really trying to mean? When they’re talking about that and whenever you can really do this, exercise where you’re really extending yourself in a way that you’re really listening and paying attention to someone.

Make them feel that off of you and automatically they feel that you’re more engaged with them.

They’re more likely to share and to talk to you. Start feeling comfortable around you and that is a key part of being a good communicator.

Step 2: Respond With Phrases

Do you like this storytelling? It helps in communication.

Respond with phrases that relate to what that person is talking about. You can start off with phrases such as 

  • that’s interesting because I can relate 
  • because that’s true 
  • because

starting your conversation with these types of words shows that you’re interested and engaged in the other person. If you want people to be engaged and them to be interested in you when you’re communicating you first have to give that energy saying things like that’s true. It shows that you can relate and you can validate what the other person is saying.

That is what as human beings we’re all looking to do to be validated. Be heard by other people. Feel connected to those that we’re talking to.

Step 3: Tell stories after the because part

Using Phrases Add More Value To Communication

Tell stories after the because of part of your conversation. Tell a story that relates to what that person is talking about.

The story obviously has to have a point and it has to be something that is in relation to what you guys are discussing. As I always say a good story follows the same pattern as a movie.

Think of any good movie you’ve watched. When you can break it down there are actually three key parts to the movie.

I call this SAR. An acronym that stands for situation action and results.

First Part

The majority of the movie is made up of this situation and the setting up of the story. Getting to know the characters, their stories, their situations, the things that they’re dealing with.

The issues that they’re having to go through and the situation and the setting that they’re in.

Second Part

The second part of the movie is the action where the good guy fights the bad guy.

So you’re actually seeing what are the steps that guy is taking or that girl is taking to resolve the initial situation or the problem that they’re dealing with.

Third Part

The third part of the movie is the shortest in length and it’s simply the conclusion or the result. What ended up happening when you can learn to tell your stories using this type of structure. 

It’s going to make the other person feel more engaged and more interested in you and in your story. It’s going to help you to prove the point that you’re trying to make. 

Step number 4: Practice


To improve your communication skills, practice.

This is something that so many professionals seem to overlook when they’re going to any networking event or meeting people for the first time. They know that they’re gonna have to meet these people and talk to these people and that is to practice.

Practice ahead of time what you’re going to say. If you had an important presentation to do at work you wouldn’t just walk into the meeting and just be unprepared. And talk on the fly you would want to practice ahead of time.

Well in other professional and social settings it also doesn’t hurt to practice ahead of time. You want to have your stories ahead of time prepared. So that when you do go ahead and communicate with them they’re more fluent.

Practice makes is perfect

They’re more fluid and they come off more naturally without thinking through and developing your stories. You won’t succeed in your communication so work on your communication skills by practicing on your own time. Then the next time that you have to go into a group meeting or group conversation or just a one-on-one conversation you’ll be able to communicate in a more natural and confident way. 

So there you have it all my four steps on how you can improve your communication skills whether in a group or individual setting.

Now if you’re someone who’s been searching for a job, you’ve been looking for such mentoring, right.

You’ve been going on interviews but you just haven’t been successful and you realize that you need one-on-one professional help then feel free to reach out to my head on over to my website feel free to read through the page fill out the application form and if I feel or my team feels that we’re a potential match then we’ll reach out to you directly and we’ll take it from there if you like this video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe share it with you friends thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time.

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