How To Create An Abundant Life With Self-Coaching?

self coaching can create an abundant life

self coaching can create an abundant life

Self-Coaching expands the canvas size of your thinking

Best examples of how to create abundant life with self-coaching are 21st-century successful entrepreneurs and their respective companies. What do Intel, Apple, Adobe, Google eBay, PayPal, Amazon, YouTube, Craiglist, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin all have in common? Their founders have an entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting that makes their businesses wildly successful.

apple, youtube, paypal, amazon, successful startups
apple, youtube, paypal, amazon, successful startups

What is entrepreneurial thinking? They are able to take bold, risky steps with comfort and succeed. Who helps them making such decisions so easily? They go through a deep-delved coaching process by their self-coaching abilities and with the support of their hired coaches. Indeed, it is a process of understanding how to create abundant life with self-coaching.

Entrepreneurs Journey
Entrepreneurs Journey

How Can Someone Not Self-coach, Surprised 🙁

Today was a bit silent in me. When I was listening to a couple of live webinars and attended an online training as well. It was about building confidence for entrepreneurship and life. Among the audience, I saw some faces, which were very attentive but absent. Some participants had questions on their faces. Confident ones were with smiles and grace. There were few with ignorance. The ones who disturbed me were those who seem to be close-minded. People sometimes miss the importance of how to create abundant life with self-coaching. They were struggling to think big or believe that they can also do it.

self coaching releases stress
self coaching releases stress

Have You Ever Observed A Gold Fish?

How to create an abundant life with self-coaching? You might think what is the relationship between becoming an achiever, a high performer, or an abundant life with self-coaching? Or what are self-coaching anyways? How can a person self-coach?

gold fish life
gold fish life

Have you observed a goldfish in an aquarium?

It usually is of a fist size. Once you release it free in a river or an open water space, it grows. It takes its original or better shape. Our success is also exactly like this. It stays the size of the thought. It can not grow more than the size of the cup holder in which we nurture it, daily. Or it can not brush itself on the canvas if we do not give it more space to spread. And just like goldfish, if that same person is given good exposure, knowledge, open space to learn search, and work, this same person grows like anything.

Sky will not remain a limit for that person who dives into the sea of knowledge and exposure. Once a person has seen or experienced the depths and colors of galaxies, and know-how stars connect to each other to form and give meaning, we stay astonished. Once a person has experienced the mesmerizing celestial horizons, he will start believing in the possibilities.

Increase the size of the canvas where you nurture your thoughts. Your success will be determined as big as much as the landscape of your thoughts.

Creating abundance, can not happen with fingers crossed. It needs serious knowing with a spark of fun learning.

Self-coaching is dealing with your mind dialogue

Can you count on your fingers how many times during a day, there is a discussion going on inside your mind? Which no other person knows, except you and only you. It is only you who could adhere to it. Always keeping you engaged in its virals. Positive flashes giving you hopes and vibes. Negatives giving doubts. A lot of calculation, figuring, analysis, results (which might not have even manifested yet) are rolling like a movie on your mind’s screen.

Reading mind thoughts
Reading mind thoughts

We all talk to ourselves. We all listen to that non-stop conversation. There is a continuous chit-chat going on, whether we like it or not, it is there. So if you are thinking to become an entrepreneur, and establish abundance around your life, you are setting up an intention. Now with this intention, the conversation within your mindset starts. All positives and then negatives. Rowing down on a furious water stream.

Most of the time, people tend to take one action steps forward, and 10 steps back. One milestone after severe hard work then 10 losses with one wrong thought. Why? Because the number of doubts, negativities, and miscalculations cross the number of possibilities. Keep a goal in front of you and think about all the pros of achieving it. I am sure you can even feel the vibes. Give this goal a couple of more thoughts, and you will notice the seeds of imaginative doubts sprout.

The good news is that we can hold on to these steps moving backward. By addressing each step. See, time is moving forward. It will not stay or stop for you to overcome your fears or apprehensions. It will bring an opportunity, open up some door, give you a margin to make your choice, and moves on.

self talk
self talk

What is self-coaching?

First, understand what is coaching? Coaching is the art of talking, asking, listening, and addressing your thoughts in a scientific manner.

So whatever skills a coach uses, if you can imply those to yourself, with practice, you will be able to resolve, minor issues which cost major expense. Isn’t this true, 80% of our time, is going through those ineffective and not proven thoughts which have no value in reality. As they are not even manifested. But just because they emerged in our minds, we are putting our focus on them.

With self-coaching, you can bring these benefits to your thought process and enjoy a calm sleep:

  • Bring clarity to your to-do list
  • Structure your goals and priorities well
  • Know how to bring abundance with self-coaching
  • It helps you to clear the clutter of the mind and let it live calmly
  • Helps you to develop a good strategy taking lesser time
  • Chunking up and down for a better picture of your ideas
  • Defining your steps for implementation of your strategy and plan
  • Helps you scale and pivot your growth
  • Think beyond limitations

So I was just thinking;

  • Why should people be learning all the skills, which everyone is learning, but not be curious about what is his actual desire?
  • Is it necessary that I want mentors and counselors before I mentor myself and counsel myself?
  • Should you give up before trying formula number 2 and 3 or even 5?
  • How can I fix my future by fixing my present which is actually held in the cup-sized my thoughts?
  • Can I arrange my thoughts in the right direction?
  • Is there a way I can talk to myself, motivate and move forward?
  • How can I structure my abstract ideas into readable plans?

Difference between An Eagle & A Vulture

Do you know that Eagle and vultures are of the same species?
They have the same structure.
They are the same size.
They have the same style of hunting.
They are similar in laser-focused on targets.

So what is the difference between these similar looks birds?
Therefore the main difference is though Vulture is a common name of several types of scavenging birds of prey. But Eagle is extraordinary SPECIAL. Eagle possesses special skills to hunt and is superior in its characteristics. Eagles can even hunt big animals like deer, monkeys, and foxes. They are supreme, they have an elegant style.

How To Create An Abundant Life With Self-Coaching?

When you self-coach, you have become your own monitor. You will be observing yourself for your continuous improvements. Because then you will be aware of yourself, most of the time, like are your

  • Thoughts creating Actions
  • Thoughts creating other thoughts
  • Thoughts creating Talks
  • Thoughts creating Feelings
  • Thoughts affecting Time-spent
  • Thoughts giving clarity to objectives and goals
  • Thoughts defining mission
  • Thoughts creating hurdles

abundant life
abundant life


Self-coaching has been the main tool of every big achiever and successful person. It helps people to clean their thinking slate and bring their attention to the fact which matters. That is why I emphasize Zen is the next milestone!

Munnira Sheikh
ZenFusion Academy
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