Self Coach, Who Else Knows You Best?

Your actions and reactions, you know them best

Your actions and reactions, you know them best

Self Coaching Is Seeing Yourself In A Magical Mirror

Who knows yourself best? Isn’t this true? Yes, it is. You know how will you act in a love space and how you will react in anger. That is why I always probe people to self coach. Self coaching not only simplifies answers for us but also helps us to know ourselves better. In the process, many people even explore what exactly they want. When you are thinking that you want to have that particular job, or that special dress, or that high-paying job, and you self coach yourself, the thinking process leads to unveiling many facts. Which otherwise you might not give attention to. They never come in focus and taken for granted.

Simply if I ask you a three-letter word WHY against each of these questions, you may notice what thoughts are popping up in your mind. Let’s try;

I want to have that special dress? WHY
I want to marry that specific person? WHY
I want to increase my revenues? WHY
I want to be an entrepreneur? WHY

Self coaching in the above example is not solving any of your current issues, but it starts navigating your mind for answers. You might also feel, that now you are thinking. Out of the box. because each why leads to another Why, or what?

What Is Self Coaching?

Practicing self-coaching regularly has not only simplified many things for me but has also made me known to myself. I am totally a new person now. As I have explored myself and to a better version. So I am not chasing now a false, world-dependent image of mine. Instead, I am more pure, clear, and have contentment in whatever purpose I have searched for myself.

Selfcoaching is the ability to bring mindful attention to the our experiences, events, beliefs, stories, thoughts, patterns, and habits that govern our life. Selfcoaching is the ability to use our greater awareness to create change through small experiments in how we show up in the world, and to nonjudgmentally analyze our own results.

I Am Not A Self Coach Specialist

How To start Your self coaching journey
How To start Your self coaching journey

In 2021, we don’t need to become a self coach specialist. We need to be aware. Do you also think, much of our attention is being carried away by emails, social media, social display, our online reputation, and app engaging our attention to reply? This takes us off-beat to our internal awareness. At the same time, we have massive content available at a click of a button. All above is happening outside our mind.

What if you become able, to manage this content, for your use. You enable yourself to bring your attention to you NOW, know what are you spending and investing your time in, and start the process of AWARENESS inside your mind.

Being Selfawared, I know what your character is built of? What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, your feelings, emotions and what motivates you. Once you start getting more detailed ideas and feelings about yourself, your effectiveness to coach yourself will start converting into your own specialist.

Why Do I Say You Know Yourself Best?

The reason I am so confident that you could easily self-coach yourself is because you are the only person on this earth who listen and know exactly what talk is inside your mind. Am I right? I know you will say yes. And that is very normal. When we try to explain our feelings, our complaints, our emotions or threshold, we are not able to communicate those to our listener. In some case, to our hired coach.

If we learn how to notice and take notes of all the discussion going on in our minds, believe me, I can guarantee you a lot of success and speed in success. Even though if you hire a coach, if you have clear head and clarity in your mind how you understand, how do you absorb said suggestions, accept changes and develop new habits, it will become much easier to get higher level benefits from that session.

How To Start My Self Coach Journey?

Your self coach journey starts with these steps:

  • Acceptance
  • Awareness
  • Attendance

First thing first, ACCEPTANCE, you have to be clear-headed, what is self coaching? How is it going to help you best? Why is it important? In what areas can you can self coach? If you are not yet clear, write me a comment, and post your questions. I would be glad to reply with the relevant information and references. Once you are all at ease with all these answers, then it will be much easier to accept that you can self coach. Acceptance of self coaching benefits is going to speed your success towards opening up more to yourself.

Awareness is all about what is going around and inside you? Knowing it, owning it, and then being aware of it. Awareness will definitely not come immediately. many days you might not even remember to be aware. We took and trained ourselves many many years not to stay aware mentally. We have trained ourselves to stay aware by listening to the news and reading the news. Not with our minds. Not using our 5 or in some cases 6 senses. Seeing, talking, smelling, hearing, and kinesthetically.

How to practice creating awareness habit?

  • Stay determined for at least 30 days that you are going to practice
  • Spending few moments, after each work lap of 60 minutes, to calm down and take 3 deep breaths
  • Noticing what is happening around you in these few moments
  • Start noticing what is happening inside you in your thoughts
  • What questions are popping up, what pictures are there what you are seeing, which words are in your vocabulary to describe your surrounding to your self

Attendance is to really take your self-coach journey to the next level. Attendance is to confirm and assure to note down whatever is possible for you. I use to keep a diary with me. Now, you may use your notepad, or tablet, or the notes app on your mobile phone. Whenever you get a chance, bring your awareness to your outer or inner world. Note down whatever talk or understanding is there. You can even draw pictures, of your visuals, thoughts, or feelings. Write as many times as you remember. Keep track. Keep writing for the next 30 days.

If you forget for one whole day to note down your thoughts, put an alarm on your mobile with a lap of 1 hour or two.

After applying, acceptance, awareness and attendance, REPEAT. THE PROCESS

Munnira Sheikh
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