Future Of Students – How To Plan Your Next 20 Years

Students Future Next 20 years

Students future your next 20 years

How To Plan Your Future – In Uncertain Times

Students Future
Graduation woman thinking of future

Students graduating main future concern has been about Students loan or finding scholarships, from reputed universities, confirming admission. Which is one-fourth of one piece of the whole life wheel we live.

You may find a lot about universities, scholarships, loans on google now.  But then what? Another 4 or 5 years specialization. That is not all of life. It is not a solution for a whole complete life.

How the future is going to unfold, nobody knows. Creating, designing a happy healthy, and contented life should be more under your focus lense from this very age, now you are in.

Your Next 20 Years Are Key To Your Future

Whatever decisions you make today, will have a great impact on your life in the next 20 years. Once we settle for something, we have to be in there, experience it, take our lessons, fall for mistakes and then we have 2 choices. Either we grow in it further to bring excellence, or we want to give up and make a change or shift. T

Therefore, a pre-planning or proactive approach is our safe haven. You will find the best university, a scholarship, a job, a mate, and even a fortune. Whatever it may be, it should bring you complete contentment and happiness with health.

Whatever you win in, you must be diligent enough to sustain it, grow it, and excel in it. Survival is not what you are going to settle for. Excellence is our hunt with joy and fun.

At what age you are now? 😱 just think in your head, don’t shout out loud🤩

Future is NOW
Future is NOW. Find Your Right Path & Develop A Plan

Do you know one day you will be 40 or 50 or 60 years old? Add 20 years to your current age. Many of my generations, try to look back and always say, if someone has told me this 20 years later, it might have saved me some additional pleasure, some more leisure time, some more milestones, some better workouts.

I might have not done this or that mistake. Must have made better decisions. Given this information earlier, I have prepared for a better future. Adhering to the fact of gratification and believing in the unknown, I want to make it easier for you all who are still in your 20s or so.

Eye Opener Pandemic – Worried About Future

Right now, is so much doubt, so much ambiguity and uncertainty in life. The pandemic realities are sudden and severe. Everyone, every age group, and every aspect of life have been touched. For some, in a positive way, those who are safe, blessed with some good opportunities to capitalize upon and flow within the flow. for some, it has been really bad.

Loss of loved ones, several relatives catching the virus, losing jobs, missing out on studies and so much more. The leftover, after effects, of this pandemic has given a natural paradigm shift to many thoughts. You may know people around you, who have suffered and those who might have been the luckier ones.


I know the anxiety, the ambiguity, and the agitation people are having inside them, because of the sudden, unexpected, and unplanned losses. These circumstances have given a lot of lessons to mankind at the root level. I guess at the think tank level of the world, agencies, organizations, and researchers already hold a mindset to search for a safe and better predictable future.

Hence, they keep their research work on, spending millions and millions of dollars each year. Which many think are just a waste of money, energy, and time. At the root level, this time, those who already had started accepting and embracing the change, were quickly able to adapt to the need of time. Many are now working from home easily, though others are striving hard to keep up the targets.

Learnings and Lessons

Adding to work from home change, a change in mindsets has manifested. To plan and be proactive. Spend quality time more with family. Keep a track of new skills every now and there. Have an understanding of how events on mass levels, affect the lives at ground level.

How all countries get united in facing a common enemy. We noticed which country has prepared to face challenges. The nations are responding to their leaders or just dont care. Home environments, distribution of duties, and living ethics improved or not. Savings are important and working for a better living has to value.

Students’ Future

Decision Making
Decision making concept

Keeping our Focus on Student’s Future, how to make a sure shot plan for the next 20 years or so. I am sticking to 20 years, because this frame is easier to plan, has many aspects to be handled, and ample time to more plans for more years too. Usually, the human life cycle creates shifts within 20 years including a set of 5 years.

First of all, let me very specific, to plan, today is the right time. Many of us stay lethargic and keep on lagging between today and tomorrow, so it never happens. Being a coach, I am really very focused, on the root levels. The ground working of every project. Once the ground working, foundations are solid, pillars will sustain all kinds of winds, tremors, and floods.

Change Is The Only Thing Constant – In Future Too

Change is Constant
Ferris wheel in Bangkok at night

Do understand, in all historical rounds of the world, one thing has been constant. That is change. So if the change is constant, this means we need to develop resilience in changing times. We have no control over change.

Change comes through many complex situations, actions and reactions, and multiple happenings happening around the world and galaxies. It is something outside of our being, in the outer world.

Ask To Yourself

We can only control our behavior towards change. That is more inside of our mind thing, our inner world. May it be in our personal, professional life or outer world from our inner world life. Change is imperative. Our reactions towards it can make an impact on our life results. So what is exactly in our hands?

How do we see change coming?

When do we perceive it would come?

Why should we take it seriously?

What should we do when change really occurs?

Who is responsible?

All these are questions that can make our behavior more responsive towards any kind of change instead of reactive. All of these questions are thoughts that may inspire good, directional answers. When you write down these questions, and ask them to yourself, in a quiet place, write down all the answers that come through.

You will notice, you have given time worth enough and you are able to find answers within yourself, it is just a matter of taking your time out to sit back, stop doing, start thinking. Now, I am not making a point, that we all should have learned about online learning, online business, online communication much earlier than the pandemic started.

That is only one aspect. Yes, many freelancing individuals, actually made a good deal out of these circumstances, but then again, not everyone. Yes, Google has helped us a lot, in learning new skills using our work from home time, but many of you have increased your time spent on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or snap chat, as a time-waster.

I Know You Are Thinking, Why Should I Think About It Now?

Why should I do this? The answer is, better to do it now, when you are relaxed, instead of the time, when you will be tensed, and won’t be able to give pure relaxed attention. Plans are not made during the chaos. When you drop a small stone in a calm lake, that one small stone can create ripple effects.

Whereas, if you throw trucks and trucks loaded with stones in chaotic dam water, it would not make any difference and will not be noticed. The same is true for thoughts of your mind. Questions asked to your own self, in calmness, have better answers and long-term sustainability. I can add the world reliability too. So, how will you see your next 20 years? I can surely, skip your time and you may directly land on a list of top 100 sites for a career by Forbes.

My Coaching Gift For Your Future

I am thinking to develop a Tool for you and add here, to watch and fill with me. You may fill in your details, and immediately you will also get a downloadable tool. More to it is to have a clear idea about different areas of life, which your future will be comprised of:

Your current Family
Your Friends
Your to-be Spouse
Your Finances
Business (if you want to)
Continuous Education strive
You may add as many as possible. Each area would have a present, future (want to be like), preparation column.

You have to prioritize them as well. For me first 4 are always:
My self-love

At the student level, when you are confined in a learning mode, a secure environment of your university, and under the supervision of your parents in many areas, you might not comprehend the importance of the tool I am sharing with you.

Understand the fact, ‘WE HAVE TO DO OUR OWN PUSH UPs

DO Your Push Ups
Fit young people doing pushups in a gym looking focused

As life goes on, life will bring in many situations, challenges, happenings. A mix of all good, aspiring and to deal with. So we have to be ready for our own push-ups and perform them with consistency to build our muscles and stamina strong.

It will be difficult at many times, and easy on many occasions too. It might feel not needed, and to understand its importance do these 3 things and make your own decision.

  • Sit with an old person, and ask about his/her life’s goods and bad, missed, and acquired events. One from your near known family and one from the list of big achievers of the world.
  • Learn a bit of history, like world war I and II and some of the inventions that took place.
  • Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes, now think how do you see yourself in the next 20 years, when you know what different people and the world have gone through in past. How you will fill in good surprises and happy events in your life. Inculcate different aspects. Find and visualize answers.

I call, all above, as ZEN approach. And that is why I insist on fusing Zen with your outer world. To learn about Zen more, I will write in another blog post, but for now idea is to develop coherence in your inner and outer world, so you are in the controlling position. Handling things from inside first.

Keeping yourself composed and prepared. The more you practice today about aligning your heart with your brain, your thoughts with your responses, your mind talks with your attitude, the more you will be a balanced, high self-esteemed, aligned person.


No matter what future scenarios present may take. When you have your mindset clear and composed, you can deal with any kind of known or unknown challenge. The point of concern is to strengthen your mental muscles, on really relaxed days. Strong minds show resilience, leadership, sustainability, and much more. They are always solution-focused. Early adaptation of coaches helps young people to absorb life-long experiences, just by clarity in thinking.

Munnira Sheikh
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