Zen Habits To Grill In Students – Best 10

What Is Your Worth As Of Now?

Zen Habits will provide practice of what is important and right. The way this world operates, our worth is our total value. It explicit where we stand. Being worthy enough is what we account for and respect for. Adding value to ourselves is the ultimate goal. Be it in any medium, our education, work, performance, lifestyle, relationship or even adding to our assets. This results in a fact for many that those who are not aware or do not work on their worth, are long forgotten, deprived, or not taken care of. But how do you start even creating your worth and value? When is the right time to initiate this journey? It actually starts with your education, though you may analyze it at any time of your life.

Zen Is Less In Current Student’s Education System

It has been proved that the current education system was raised for the industrial revolution for a limited future. In those times when there was an economic and paradigm shift from agricultural mindset to industrial mindset. Now is the knowledge economy. People find it difficult to catch up with its continuously evolving nature. Failing to keep up with new job requirements. Good jobs existing are now seeking tech solutions for efficiency and accuracy. This makes old-style jobs disappearing soon.

It has become imperative for everyone to reach out to tech, learn it and absorb its fast-paced evolution. I surely understand that it brings much emotional captivation for you. Many of us are still more prone to book reading and paper working since our old habits. Using diaries instead of using mobile calendars and to-do list app. Though the 21st century is an abstract concept.

Which Habits Formed In Old-fashioned Education System?

The discipline and habits we established in our school times, do not serve any-more in a fixed environment. These 2 needs to be effective in your personality, for every time. Economic value now comes in with quick, up to dated tech-based understanding and know-how. You might have read this now in many articles that our education system was designed to instill discipline and conform to what is being told. Program our minds for set behaviors and habits which may be more like saying yes to your boss, please your boss, and work out by any means to reach top positions.

  1. Discipline
  2. Respect
  3. Conformity
  4. Schedules
  5. Management by Project
  6. Follow instructions
  7. No Questions Asked

Certificates To Soft Skills

As now we have much easier, cost-efficient, value-proficient software, and robots available for so much to do, the above methodology will not serve you landing on a good job. Even after years of education does not guarantee if it has really developed your best potential. I have seen many professionals adding more certificates to their credentials, as they lack confidence, good communication skills, presentation abilities, selling skills, or some life skills. Identification of one’s real potential, polishing it for best abilities, creating an attitude of positivity, enrolling for worthy aptitude are all different things on a big list to be worked upon by an individual in his/her own capacity. If lucky one, then you receive it from your home and culture.

Who Invented This Education System?

Horace Mann is credited with creating the foundation. Industrialization of the world demanded skills other than the agricultural predecessor. Competition favored. To create better coordination between skills required by highly raising industrialization process, a competition on scores system was introduced. Horace Mann knew that habits are unbreakable if formed empirically. Mann also knew the value of punctuality in the new, clockwork world of machines and mills; of steam and coal. Giving students roll numbers just like batch numbers in machines during production hours, letting them learn by heart what is supposed to be written in exams, instead of actually learning the concept of practical use. We can say this was a transition time from an agricultural period to an industrial era. So basically what we were getting out of schools are authority, punctuality, measurement, literacy, arithmetic, memorization.

In olden times (as my son says this to my education time as if it was 50 years back then :)) after completion of school, college, and then post-graduation you see the real world where more needed were soft skills. People then find and join evening sessions to develop these skills or the company may provide some paid pieces of training as well. If I make it more recognizable to you in a list:

Credentials & Certificates

  1. School scores in O and A levels
  2. Graduation
  3. Post-graduation
  4. Specialization

22 to 24 years of education gone, you open the door of real-life and come to know, you know nothing. Other skills you need to develop if not the luckier one who has been taught at home were:

Soft Skills

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Writing Skills
  4. Presentation Skills
  5. Negotiation Skills
  6. Project Management Skills
  7. Managerial Skills
  8. Research Skills
  9. so on and so forth

Zen Is Needed In Soft Skills To Softwares

The transition from agricultural to industrial took over one hundred years. Now things are accelerating at a faster pace keeping excellence at par. We have in hand solutions for technological, innovational, financial sophistication, political disintegration, and social tribalism, and community build-up based on common mindsets.  Get ourselves ready for the digital economy. Give ourselves a re-birth to unleash the hidden creativity and enthusiasm buried under old-school thoughts.

The New Normal – Bring Zen In Habits!

Becoming ready for the new time with new working methodology implied, you should be ready to adapt to these factors, even though you have not been introduced to these in your schools.

  • Have your Power Work Hours – Now is not a time to set a fixed schedule every time. There is a mix. You have to catch up on so many things. With all these distractions around, you need to learn how to remove distractions and find a set time for the total focus to bring your creativity to its full potential.
  • Learn to explore, research and question – Now is not a time when you are given a set number of tasks like capping the bottles or labeling them. You need to be creative to see different perspectives, have research quality, and bring excellence to what is already done. Now companies need outcome-based activities.
  • Learn to re-emphasize what is agreed upon so no ambiguity is there and you may save a lot of time of errors and corrections.
  • Find your Why? If you don’t find why you are opting for a project or a task or a job, you will get exhausted and quit quickly. there is a lot of burdens already. Especially caused by our access to communities and others’ life. When we know more about others, it builds pressure. The pressure of competing, winning, and getting it quicker. This causes anxiety though it comes with failure.

Why Zen Is The Only Solution At the Student Age?

You are born with the ultimate level of potential in-built in you. When you are in your childhood or even in early teen, that is the right time to develop an understanding of rightly thinking. Do not mix this up with thinking right. How to think, is an art. Learning how to think is a science. The whole world can change, bring advancements, creating problems, may go on and on. If you have the right thinking attribute in yourself, it will always support you to face any possible circumstance. At your age, the attitudes of judgment and unforgiveness have not been developed at that forceful level.

So I may say, that this is the 2nd best time, to bring Zen into your life. Zen will give you to always detach yourself out of any challenging situation, set back, sit and relax, and then follow your insights for actions. This way those challenges will not disturb you. Or break you emotionally. Instead, they will help you find solutions in the unknown. To embrace them and smile at them.

What Can You Do To Quickly Learn Zen?

Without giving you a detailed 500 pages lecture here, I would recommend you to create these habits soon, as followed by many successful and highly contend people including:

10 Habits They Absorbed In Their Personality

  1. Wake up early before dawn
  2. Be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life
  3. Do breathing exercises of just holding it in well and then releasing for at least 10 minutes
  4. Meditate for 10 minutes and simply cleanse your body from inside
  5. Visualize your dream future for 10 minutes
  6. Have a healthy planned breakfast
  7. Give yourself a fitness treat
  8. Read at least 10 pages a day of a positive, happy, and creative book
  9. Take 5 breaks of 5 minutes each, during the day, including your morning routine
  10. Sleep early, sleep well


These habits seem simple and do not give a gauging result here. Though many scientific types of research show the impact of these habits as very powerful. They work-life Pareto rule. These habits might comprise 20% as they seem like. But they create an 80% impact on your success and happiness.

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