Zen is the next milestone

The Intellectual Sparks

The enlightenment of Europe pertaining to the 17th & 18th century after The Islamic Golden Era from 700 to 14th Centuries seems farther away from what humanity has been able to achieve in the 20th century.
Nevertheless, were the basis of all advancements and creating ease for human life. Just like when a story is transformed into a movie, the pre-production work is the most time-taking and a lot of changes occur during the process and plot.
Then the aha moments of the scenes are evolved during cinematography. This period of 1500 years, gave many trials, errors, successes, and milestones. Since its inception, the idea of summiting mountains and flying in the skies, delving in the depth of seas provides human race flourishment.
These all made possible because of one common thing of that age. Questioning. Asking. Thinking. Pondering. Seeking. Whatever you may name it, some thoughts of intellectual minds, brought up questions on the table, to be resolved. Surrounding many other trivial questions too.

Gifts from Innovations

There is no doubt that intellectual thinking, philosophical narrations, literary assets evoke thousands of questions leading to enormous solutions for mankind. Enlightenment philosophers John Locke, Charles Montesquieu, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau all developed theories of government in which some or even all the people would govern.
With critics involved, though it improved many systems, solutions, policies, and provisions. It also delayed the whole process from survival to pleasure. It also changed humans’ perspectives of happiness, fulfillment, and pride. The Game Changer became accessible to ‘POWER’. It could be in any form. Money & wealth at first. Influence, idealism, lifestyle, and more.
Under any system, be it monarchy, industrial capitalism, or socialist welfare, the hierarchy includes, few powerful and controlling, to those who translate their views to those down fetching everyday bread and butter. Introduction to the current education system, limiting abilities to think.
The idea of making this world a beautiful place to live was not feasible enough due to something which was lacking. Broken now by startup inceptions, finding solutions now by general representing masses in each community.

Today’s World

Today we are in the Knowledge world. Access to information is highly, heavily in-hand. What people learn in their academics, spending thousands of grants, they are able to access most of it for free. Humans on the one hand are surmounting more planets and galaxies, simplifying living and co-creating around the world. With these fast-paced advancements, one more thing emerging is the search for ourselves. Same Europe is now in search of understanding more on:

  • How to be extraordinary?
  • How to build relationships?
  • What are the energies of Love?
  • How to find longevity?
  • What is the integral life?
  • How to sleep well?
  • How to speak and create influence?
  • How to meditate?
  • How to create self-awareness?
  • How to connect with yourself?
  • How to build a connection with God?
  • What is the Purpose of Life?
  • How to improve overall health?
  • What can create inner happiness?
  • How to build a happy family?

Treasure Within:

All these questions encapsulate in the term ZEN, which is the current treasurer in the hunt. Europe is paying a high-value price to understand and grab this knowledge for application. Coming back to organics, seeking old remedies, finding spiritual solutions to emotional problems, attending retreats for inner happiness.
Still, the correct answers and knowing what is right and wrong are not clearly defined. What was wrong earlier, is right now. What was allowed in past, is been sabotaged in present? So how can I believe what is currently engaging my time, is worth it for my generations to come?
What is then human in search of for the past 2000 and more years? What are YOU in search of?
Munnira Sheikh
ZenFusion Academy
Zenfusion Academy aspires to provide mindset education, online. The fusion of Zen with practical skill sets motivates and encourages learners to achieve excellence in their professional and personal endeavors. The CEO, Munnira Sheikh, furnishes group facilitation, one on one coaching, and online training sessions. Much of the quality material is available on our Youtube Channel as well. Do add your comments, what did you learn new in this article, feed us with your feedback, and also remember to like and share this article with your network to add some value.

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